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The Interior Gallery - Monte Carlo Toilet unusable and no return accepted by Interior Gallery
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I received a Monte Carlo toilet that looked great but was unusable. You couldn't sit on the seat without it popping you you falling into the bowl! They would not accept return and put me through a bunch of rigmarole trying to replace the seat. That didn't fix the problem as it is a design flaw with the toilet not the seat. I began to push harder for a refund and they began threatening me with collections among other scare tactics and tried to... Read more

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The Interior Gallery - Expensive Seating with Defective Legs
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Purchased the Adonis Chaise in December of 2015. Received it in May of 2016. We removed the chair from the box and put it in our showroom. On August 27th the chair went out for rent finally and the back leg just snapped off from the root of the chair. No one sat in it no one ever rented it. We never even removed the bubble wrap from the legs. It just sat on display waiting to be rented. Called Interior Gallery and they offered no type of... Read more

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The Interior Gallery - Sofa very poor quality
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We ordered a sofa Luxury Modern Living Room Sectional. The part of the couch were very poorly packaged (a thin layer of plastic on the area of the fabric), and the sofa legs were not packed, so all scratched during transportation. Handle of sofa painted bad and have chips and scratches. Stains on pillows. And most importantly!!!!! sofa has two parts of different levels, one part... Read more

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To customer service...its been a few months since I purchased a deceptive wall mask from your company. I saw your email buried amongst old emails when I was cleaning out my inbox and then I remembered why I didn't respond. My mask arrived was cracked on the back where you hang it up. I contacted your company on the phone, but I felt like I wasn't being treated fairly. There seemed to be a lack of sympathy and I felt like I was under... Read more

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My wife and I placed an order for 2 mirrors and panicked after reading some of the company reviews so we emailed them to cancel the order. Within a few hours, a sales rep called and after explaining the reason for canceling the order (bad reviews), they assured us we would be happy. We went ahead with the order. To make a long story short, one arrived totally shattered due to S&H. We notified them and received a replacement promptly at no cost... Read more

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Not a consumer, former employee. For starters, rachel, shannon, michelle, are all the same person as are shelia and Mary. I was told to use a fake name in case customers write bad reviews so our names dont actually get thrown out there. There is no return policy. And youre stiff will more than lijely come damaged. In working there for a little over a week almost all the calls I handled were complaints, something was broken, couldnt be returned,... Read more

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Purchased ~$525 worth toilet. After installing main unit my plummer tried to push plastic insert and after flush button to porcelain lid of the toiled. No success because factory molded hole it's to small. Called to customer service, explained them about problem but their keeping saying same think "your plummer doing something wrong and part must be fit". We tryed again with no results. Same thing. I spend around two hours communicating with... Read more

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I am very upset with the purchase and service I received from you last week. I bought the very expensive toilet, paid so much money and first of all I was waiting much too long for the item and second of all you did not even deliver it to my home. Is this how you treat customers? Pay a lot of money and then take your time to go to the warehouse to pick it up? I was told that you can deliver the package only Monday-Friday before 5pm - are you... Read more

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Ordered a toilet for our new home construction in mid May and received it later that month. My builder inspected the toilet at time of delivery but there is only so much you can inspect when the item has to be uncreated and the freight company is itching to leave. Well. We just tried to install and noticed a crack towards the bottom front of the toilet. The policy of having to file your claim within 24-48 hours with Inyerior Galewry is a scam.... Read more

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Ordered (2) pcs set of VIO vanity. Received not matched pieces from different sets. I was lucky that 1 pc replacement was shipped to me, but now Andrew Hoffman is forcing me to pack wrongly shipped piece and send back. I am after heart surgery, cannot handle heavy parts, but he does not care: he wrote in his e-mail that they will additionally charge my credit card and will report to Credit Bureaus. I notified credit card of intended unauthorized... Read more

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